Thursday, January 13, 2011

More than 'Blood Libel': Another Reason We Cringed at Palin

I did not want to overload my blog with another lengthy post about Sarah Palin. However, the controversy over her use of the term "blood libel' in her "America's Enduring Strength Speech" and reports that death threats against her are increasing spurred me to write something anyway.

Instead of publishing my thoughts here, I have published them at my personal website, "More than 'Blood Libel' Phrase: the Other Reason People Cringed at Sarah Palin's Arizona Shootings Speech." I end that piece, which includes the transcript of Palin's message, with these words:
I pray that no physical harm comes to Palin for the sake of her children and peace in this nation. However, I also hope that Palin will pay attention to the hate mail and phone calls she may be getting as a result of this controversy and begin to realize that nasty words, even figurative language suggesting calls to violence delivered in an environment charged with animosity and other negative emotions, can indeed lead to violent acts. After all, picking up a telephone or sending an email to threaten a person's life is also a form of violent action surpassing a passing thought. Will she connect these dots?
Some conservatives have been critical of Palin's word choice in the speech; however, far more have been supportive. Even Jews for Sarah Palin and Alan Dershowitz still defend her. Read more.

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msladydeborah said...

I enjoyed readig your entire piece on this subject.

I listened to a member of the Tea Party try to defend this speech on the BBC. It is becoming clearer that Palin's inner circle and her advisors (??) are tryig to portray her as the "victim" in this issue.

While it is not obvious (and she'd better hope that it never becomes that way) her rhetoric influenced the events of this past Saturday. There is still no solid evidence that this occurred. However, this woman needs to realize that at some point in time, enough is just that and too might is just outright vulgar.

I maintain that if she continues to push the envelope, she is going to do herself more harm than benefit. I'm trying my best to leave her and the rest of the insane in the membrane crowd alone.