Friday, January 7, 2011

Prince's Tribute to Michael Jackson and Some Interviews

Lately people have been surfing to my blog after googling for Prince comments on Michael Jackson, and I can tell from the key words they don't mean Michael's son. They probably land here because of my old post about the anniversary of 25th anniversary of Purple Rain falling on the day of Michael's death. Nevertheless, I decided the visits must be a sign that I should post something on the topic of Prince and Michael.

First, this is a gem. It's audio of his Purple Highness doing a short tribute to Michael Jackson while performing in Paris, France, about four months after Michael's death. It's Prince's version of "Shake Your Body" and it's sweet!

April 30, 2016: This video is now different because, as was usually the case when Prince was alive, the video that was here before was removed from the Net. The video here now is a later video in which Prince not only does a little bit of Michael's "Shake Your Body" but also Sly Stone's "Everyday People" and I Want to Take You Higher.

While in France, Prince gave an interview in which he mentioned Michael. As he spoke of how he decided on the number of concerts, he said:
I now prefer these forms of concert to a traditional tour, which no longer stretches me. I like being the first and the last to do something. When I played in London, in 2007, at the O² Arena, I asked the producers what had been the record number of performances played continuously in their venue. They told me six. I said then that I wanted to do twenty-one. For two weeks they refused to let me do it; nobody else had lasted so long. All concerts were finally complete. Since then, Michael Jackson showed me that I should have gone further (Michael Jackson had planned to do fifty concerts in this venue for what was to be his great return).
The whole interview from Le Monde is at

Next, in a video from long before Michael's death, Prince is asked at a press conference who would win in a fight, him or Michael Jackson. His answer is funny, but he also tells people to chill with the rumors about the King of Pop. "Wait and see," he says.

You can also watch at YouTube Prince's old interview with Chris Rock in which he discusses why he turned down appearing in Michael Jackson's "Bad" music video. He said there was no rivalry, he just didn't want to play the Wesley Snipes role and have Michael sing to him, "Your butt is mine."

Finally, and I debated posting this next video because it does not show Prince in the best light. It's 1983 footage of James Brown, Michael, and Prince in 1983. The last time I posted this was when James Brown died. When the video was shot, Prince had been on the national scene a little less than five years. At a James Brown concert, the King of Pop shows up on stage, sings a bit and does a few dance steps. The crowd goes wild. And then he stops and whispers in the Godfather of Soul's ear a bit, and after that he goes to one of Brown's band members and whispers in his ear. Then James Brown announces that Michael has insisted that he introduce Prince on stage. Prince comes up, and I'm sad to say, since it was during Prince's bad boy days, he may have been under the influence, but, well, you can watch it and see for yourself. O.K. I'm not sad to say to say he was a bad boy, but I know Prince doesn't like to project the bad boy image anymore.


Informed Citizen said...

I enjoyed this, but I'm not sure I agree about Prince's lack of relevance in the Black community in the "head' and 'Dirty Mind' days. I'm from a black neighborhood in Detroit, and we were obsessed with Prince at that time. Private Joy and Lets Work are not 'minor' dj in Detroit at that time would be considered real if he left those off his program. 'Head', Bambi, Controversy...especially Controversy. We were totally into that in the D. You need to research the Detroit DJ named Mojo and edit this video accordingly to represent how Detroit was with Prince from day one and he knew it.

Vérité Parlant is Nordette Adams said...

Thank you for your comments. I'm not sure why you're making the point about Prince and the black community since the post doesn't discuss that, and it's something I've never said at this blog.

passhun wheaton said...