Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Scott Sisters Will Be Released Friday: Good But What About Barbour?

A spokesperson for the Scott Sisters announced last night that the Scott Sisters will be released Friday to begin their new lives on parole. They go home to their mother and their five children and grandchildren. The women were convicted of armed robbery in 1994, but how that conviction came about back then is clouded with dubious court procedures.

For more details on this case, as well as questions of Mississippi Haley Barbour's ethics, please read a detailed piece at The governor's request of his state's prisons chief to review the cases of all Mississippi prisoners on dialysis and determine if they are "fit for release" follows his rhetoric that he released Jamie Scott in part to save Mississippi the money of her nearly $200,000 per year treatment. He also required her sister Gladys to donate a kidney to Jamie as a condition of Gladys's release.

Barbour, who is considered to be a likely GOP candidate for president in 2012, has said it would be better for the costs of Jamie Scott's care to be spread over all the taxpayers of the United States rather than those of Mississippi when she gets federal Medicaid. So, this is the same logic he has for his hopes to release more sick prisoners: he wants to move them from Mississippi's financial responsibility to be served by federal dollars, and if done, the move could be a type of Medicaid fraud. Read more.

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