Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Anderson Cooper and Crew Attacked in Egypt

When I read at the Huffington Post on Monday that CNN's Anderson Cooper did not know how to leave Egypt if he wanted to, I almost wrote a post because I like Cooper, but when I checked CNN's website that day and saw nothing about what he told HuffPo, I decided to wait.

Today, however, I had to write something because I heard on Twitter that Cooper and his crew was attacked, that he was hit in the head. Steve Brusk tweeted:
Anderson said he was punched 10 times in the head as pro-Mubarak mob surrounded him and his crew trying to cover demonstration.
Here's Cooper's CNN video report, two videos.

In this next video, CNN reporter Hala Gorani tells of being in a dicey situation as well, but a protester protected her.

This reminds me of Sara Sidner's scary moment in Mumbai back in 2008.


msladydeborah said...

This type of coverage has a for real risk factor inside of it. I'll give Cooper and his crew their props for being in the middle of the fray.

The situation in Egypt is going to grow very ugly and it is really sad to see people of the nation taking opposite sides in a violent manner.

Regina said...

I have been so busy with school work that I have not seen news on tv in about 2 weeks but I also read about the attack on twitter.
I also saw on someones blog an ignorant comment about him not being there in the first place. smh, people are so dumb! America has had reporters in death situations for years. how do people think we get war pictures and war footage?
But anyway I pray for everyone involved, we are surely in the last days.
Peace & Love!