Monday, February 7, 2011

Public Radio and Why I Wish I Drove More

What I miss about driving less is getting lost in a radio show, specifically narratives on NPR via WWNO here in New Orleans. I can't seem to listen to talk or narratives on radio sitting still in my bedroom or living room because my mind starts to travel to all the things I need to do in my house, and if I try to do chores and listen, I don't enjoy the story the way I can in the car.

This Saturday, February 5, however, I was zipping through the city and Metairie and ha the pleasure of listening to This American Life.

I could not wipe the smile from my face as I heard the last segment, "Contrails of My Tears" on 426: Tough Room 2011. Brett Martin discussed the tendency to cry at movies on airplanes. I don't wait for airplane rides to cry watching movies or even sappy commercials, but I related to the discussion.


msladydeborah said...

I just lilstened to the same piece on This American Life tonight. I really like this particular radio program a lot.

I don't cry at the movies very often. It takes a lot to make tear well up in my eyes. When it does happen, I'm usually very surprised.

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Rens said...

So recognizable; i miss listening to this kind of radio a lot. 5 years ago i worked as a courier as a side job (11 hours a day) and you get so much from radio (i think mostly due to the abscense of images (tv) so there is alot of information and you don't get tired listening that fast).

I don't cry in airplanes, films that are that beautiful must not be seen in airplanes ;)