Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stevie Nicks and Javier Colon Sing Landslide: The Voice

The video above features Stevie Nicks singing her classic "Landslide" with a contestant during the finale of NBC's The Voice. I watched the show, and liked all the finalists.

While I thought Dia Frampton, the runner up, had a more unique voice, I thought Javier Colon, the winner, had better pitch. He also consistently performed well and had a better back story--family and kids, artistic struggle, etc. Over the years he's had a record deal or two but his label didn't give him the attention he deserved, and they later cut him.

I strongly suspect that since he doesn't easily fit in the black box of R&B, rap, or soul, his style has been problematic for him in the industry. When you're of African descent and you don't fit in the black box, life gets complicated.

Adam Levine coached Colon, and Blake Shelton coached Frampton. The other coaches were Christina Aguilera, who coached finalist Beverly McClellan. She was lots of fun to watch and I still may download McClellan's version of the "The Thrill is Gone." Cee Lo Green coached finalist Vicci Martinez.

CNN has a article about the finale and how Colon did not expect to win. I didn't know Justin Bieber was rooting for him and telling his Facebook army to vote for him.

The most disappointing thing in this is some of the asinine comments from readers about the show, Colon, and the other contestants at CNN, including one idiot who is saying Javier was only on the show and won because he's black. You know, a lot of Americans out there show clear signs of mental illness when it comes to race.

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