Friday, July 1, 2011

Feel Good Video: World Flash Mob from Eurovision Song Contest 2010

After reading the depressing New York Times article this morning about recent developments in the DSK rape case, I was glad I found this video. It's called the "world's largest flash mob dance video" produced by Eurovision Song Contest 2010, and I really needed to see something to make me feel better about humanity, at least a way to look at the brighter side of the species.

However, I don't think the flash mob in the video, which includes clips from people dancing in unison from around Europe, is technically bigger than Oprah's flash mob with the Blackeyed Peas. It had 21,000 people.

As for the DSK case, I feel that it's just another case of money talks. The alleged victim's past is being used against her so she's the one on trial despite women in France who've come forward to say DSK has been sexually aggressive toward them as well.

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