Friday, September 30, 2011

Brian Bradley Raps "Stop Looking at My Mom!" (X Factor Videos)

O.K. This is the kid, Brian Bradley, who was on The X Factor USA Thursday night rapping his song "Stop Looking at My Mom!" or to be more accurate "my momz." Apparently he had an "official video" already on YouTube with more than 80,000 hits. It was posted in October 2010 and it's cute, showing other kids protecting their moms from lusting eyes. You can buy the mp3 at

The video below is his audition from the show itself and includes his pretense of challenging Simon Cowell before he starts his rap. Bradley says he wants to be bigger than Jay-Z, but based on what L.A.Reid told him, I think at least that talent scout was thinking more along the lines of Bradley being like Will Smith. He told the kid, age 14, that he can do TV, film, and records. When Bradley left the stage, Reid said to Cowell that the kid is a triple threat, which means he can act, sing, and dance.

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Tuna Salad said...

I don't particularly like this kind of music/singing--never have. But, WOW!, Your audition on X Factor was amazing. I was blown away and have watched it again several times. You have my vote.