Saturday, September 3, 2011

Poem: The Reflection in Our New Backyard Pond (Hurricanes)

The Reflection in Our New Backyard Pond
By Nordette N. Adams

'Twas the season of hurricanes, when all through the land,
creatures called "Whodats" scurried and ran
to Home Depot, to Lowe's, to Sam's and to Rouses
for candles and canned goods and fixin's for houses.

They tuned in TVs to local news stations,
dreading the word, "evacuation."
They counted their children and grandparents, too,
and hit ATMs and banks for their loot.

In New Orleans, where people love Jazz,
the second line stopped to fill cars with gas.
Folks checked radios and contraflow maps
while little ones dozed in afternoon naps.

Come Papa, come Mama, come Parran and Nannan,
come bébé, come boo, come cher and come tout,
come, let's prepare for some new hurricane,
and comfort our hearts so we remain sane.

They bow heads, remembering one called Katrina,
the nightmare that left them stronger but leaner.
And still they choose this land by the Gulf:
They love hard and hope; they live and they cope.

© 2011 Nordette N. Adams

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Mary Lynn Plaisance said...

OH, I love this poem :) I can even FEEL the hurricane coming in your words. Thanks for sharing it with me. Love ya Nordete!