Monday, November 7, 2011

Is Sharon Bialek Credible? Herman Cain's Up to Four Women Accusing Him of Sexual Harassment

Per CNN and other news sources, another woman has come forward saying that Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain sexually harassed her. In the video below, Sharon Bialek, an attractive blonde who lives in Chicago, describes an after-dinner encounter with Cain in 1997 in which the candidate, who was head of the National Restaurant Association at the time, groped her:
Cain unexpectedly put his hand on her leg beneath her skirt "toward my genitals." She also said he pushed her head toward his crotch.

Cain stopped when she protested, Bialek told a news conference.

Looking into the television cameras, Bialek said: "I want you, Mr. Cain, to come clean. Just admit what you did."
I don't care for Cain, and so, I tend to believe the accusations. As they say in the cop shows when considering a suspect's probability of committing a specific crime, "I like him for it." But to be fair we must ask the question, "Is Sharon Bialek credible?"

I think Bialek's quite believable in the video above; however, how she says she responded to him when he allegedly tried to push her head to his crotch sounds like dialogue from an old movie. She said something like "What are you doing? You know I have a boyfriend!" What a calmly stilted reaction. Now, if that had been a sister ...

Cain has handled the accusations poorly, and that screams that he's not ready for prime time. First it was the "liberal media" after him, in his words, and then, no, not the liberal media; it was his opponent, Rick Perry.

I would say that it's time to grab the popcorn and watch Herman Cain's supporters scramble, but I don't have time to watch political spectacles this year. Plus, I only took him seriously as a clown, never a real candidate.

CNN is promoting that "Tonight at 9 ET, Piers Morgan talks to Sharon Bialek and her attorney, Gloria Allred, in a live interview about her sexual harassment accusation against ... Cain."

This accusation brings Cain's total number of known female accusers to four. When will the GOP tell him to go back to the kitchen with the rest of their blacks? That last comment refers to conservative blowhard Anne Coulter's idiocy.

If conservatives desert Cain now, I'll chalk the love loss up not to their concern for women but to their evaluation of something else Bialek's story reveals about Cain if the accusations are true, and that is that Cain, allegedly wanting to get in her pants, upgraded her hotel room to a "palatial" suite on his employer's dime. How's that for fiscal responsibility!


msladydeborah said...

I think that unless the other women speak out it's going to be wide open to opinion.

I have been waiting to hear what the charges were. If this is true, then it is ugly and it should be exposed. So far, I have been seeing comments that indicate the sistas are upset because a White woman is making the accusations. From the mentality that Cain projects, I am not surprised that this would be the females that he target.

There's also been a questioning about the attack coming after he reached front runner. It seems that there's a lot of folks who think it should of come up earlier. I think that they are niave about the way politics work.

Right now, it seems that this situation is at a stale mate. Unless Cain can prove that he didn't or more women step up and speak out-I do not see this being resolved.

Anonymous said...

"upgraded her hotel room to a "palatial" suite on his employer's dime. How's that for fiscal responsibility!"
Ahahahahaaaa! That's a good one! LOL