Monday, November 14, 2011

Oprah's Favorite Things 2011 Gift Guide's Been Published

The list of Oprah's Favorite Things, 2011, is posted on her website now. The list is worth a look, but nothing--certainly not a printed list with still shots--can top the video of people falling over themselves, screaming, and crying on her Ultimate Favorite Things show last year.

I did, however, think I may order the Seeds of Life Baby Magnolia Tree you see pictured here. New Orleans could use more trees; Hurricane Katrina killed the big grapefruit tree that used to be in my parents' backyard. Perhaps a magnolia tree will work well as a replacement.

Another goody I saw that appealed to me was the absolutely decadent nine-inch-high Caramel Apple Pecan Pie, something to help people pack on more pounds during the holidays, but typical Oprah, she and her editors also have on the list the Eat Smart Mechanical Retro Kitchen Scale. I guess that will get you back on track after you blow up and out of your skinny jeans.

Sticking with food for a moment, the Cranberry Orange Bread and the Tea Forte KATI Tea Brewing System may be something to give my daughter. At least the tea may be something. She might kill me if I give her a loaf of calorie-rich bread.

I'm not in the market for Christmas decorations; so, I did not care for the dog ornaments on the first page, but if I were in the market for new holiday decorations, I think I'd buy the Uncommon Good Recylced Glass Tree Globes.

My family knows that I'm a bath and body creature, so they would not be surprised to learn that I lingered a moment reading about the L'Occitane en Provence Hugs & Kisses Desert Rose Duo. I don't know if the following is a direct quote from Ms. Winfrey, but someone said of the duo, "I adore the authentic African-print packaging on these tubes of supermoisturizing shea butter hand cream and lip balm." Maybe that is Oprah because speaking of another bath item, she said that she loves the apricot, olive, and almond oil Oversize Soaps, according to her website. Perhaps Oprah's in the tub more since she's closed down the her talk show to run OWN.

Finally, I had to post this one, Spread's "Oprah's 10 - The Collection" --
"With flavors like Chile Mango and Golden Raisin Curry, this is no ordinary peanut butter."
The collection's from There's a peanut butter addict in my house. Consequently, I may consider buying that. But 10 little jars of gourmet peanut butter for $67? Hmm. I'll have to think about that ... I'll have to think about that a lot.

And it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas mall.

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