Thursday, November 3, 2011

Woman Who Posted Video of Her Father, a Judge, Beating Her, Appears on Today Show with Her Mother

Hillary Adams, 23, the daughter of Judge William Adams of Rockport, Texas, Aransas County, appeared on the Today Show this morning to talk about the disturbing video she posted on YouTube that shows her father and mother beating her in 2004. She was 16 years old at the time of the beating and that wasn't the only one, she says.

The video sparked anger and outrage on the Internet. It is difficult to watch and learning that Hillary has Cerebral Palsy only makes her father seem like more of a monster as he curses at her and whips her with his belt. In the video he speaks of beating her into submission.

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Hillary told Matt Lauer that she uploaded the video to YouTube after her father continued to harrass her. "She'd had enough," says another reporter in the Today Show clip.

The judge responded yesterday and only admits to losing his temper. He claims he was disciplining his child, nothing more. Furthermore, he says that the video looks worse than what really happened, and he was beating his daughter because she was lying and stealing. In the YouTube video he calls the beating a spanking.

Hillary says she had downloaded music from an overseas website. Whether it was illegal or not is open for debate, but Judge Adams, a family court judge thought the infraction demanded a brutal response. In the YouTube video he says he never wanted a computer in his house.

The judge most likely cannot be prosecuted, say legal experts, but he may be forced from the bench, according to multiple news sources. The public's flooded Rockport court offices with demands that he be removed from office and subjected to harsher consequences.

Hillary's mother Haley also speaks during the Today Show interview. She has divorced the Judge since the 2004 beating and apologized for participating in the abuse. She also says that she was brainwashed and confused after living with a controlling man who is now threatening to take her to court and sue for custody of their other daughter.

Hillary says that the beatings happened regularly, which is why she set up the camera, but she couldn't release her footage sooner because she was still a minor and living under her father's roof.

Watch the video. I also recommend Rita Arens's post at BlogHer, which at the time of this writing has 125 comments from women fuming over the judge and the YouTube video.

Hillary appears in her Today Show interview to be conflicted about having posted the video because of the number of people who now want to harm her father. She hopes that he gets help and therapy, she tells Lauer.

I don't think therapy can help a man at his age who doesn't think he's done anything wrong. According to Hillary, when she told him she would post the video online, he seemed to dare her to do so. I hope he's thrown from the bench and disbarred.

Related: Former Florida Judge Karen Mills-Francis tells a CNN panel featuring Dr. Drew that it's not illegal in Texas to beat your child with a belt and the panel turns on her, getting pretty angry.

An older story, earlier this year a father beat his adopted daughter to death and claimed his religious beliefs dictated his doing so.

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