Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Missed Prince on Lopez Tonight, But ...

I would not have missed this Prince appearance and interview in April if I watched Lopez Tonight. *Sigh.* But thank, God, for the Internet.

Lopez and Prince talk about not swearing--replacing cuss words with the word artichoke. They also discuss Prince's low-cost concert tickets, auctioning off one of Prince's guitars, his being a vegetarian (Is that why he looks so good?), and his fashion sense, sort of. Prince doesn't own a sweatsuit.

Prince says that the Internet has hurt artists. They don't get paid what they used to because people don't pay for what they can get for free. (I say the same thing about writers.)

He also says that he kept his vinyl records. (I still have mine, too.)

Lopez wonders if Prince ever forgets his own lyrics. The star says sometimes he does. Then he talks with Lopez about having other artists cover his music: "I don't mind fans singing the songs," says Prince, "My problem is when the industry covers the music. See covering music means that your version doesn't exist anymore. A lot of times people think I'm doing Sinead O'Connor's song and Chaka Khan's song, when in fact I wrote those songs (speaking of "Nothing Compares to You" and "I Fee For You")." He moves from there into industry tech talk about compulsory license law that "allows artists through the record company to take your music at will without your permission. And that doesn't exist in any other art form be it books, movies." Prince smiles at the audience and says, "There's only one version of Law and Order."

O.K., your Purple Highness. You educated me there. He says he doesn't mind when his friends cover his records though, so I think that means he gave Alicia Keys thumbs up on "How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore?" She hardly changed a thing.

He reminds listeners that several versions of "Kiss" and "Purple Rain" exist. I know how he must feel. I think I was watching last year's finale of American Idol when I heard the opening guitar riff for "Kiss," and got excited thinking that Prince was about to appear as a surprise guest, but out walks Tom Jones. Nothing against Tom Jones, but I'll take Prince over him any day.

Then Lopez takes it back to the humor and says Prince should get credit for texting language because he started using numbers and letters for words way back in the day with "I Would Die 4 U."

Prince later performed "The Beautiful Ones."

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