Monday, January 2, 2012

Michele Bachmann: Look Up Nutty as a Fruit Cake in the Dictionary and ...

Hasn't she exceeded her 15 minutes of fame yet?

Yes, I laughed when I heard about Questlove's stunt—playing the lying a** bitch song for Bachmann's entrance on the Jimmy Fallon show—but that doesn't mean I approved. Laughter can be involuntary in certain circumstances. Nonetheless, why should I shed a tear for Bachmann and blast Questlove? If you look up nutty as a fruitcake in the dictionary, you see a picture of Michele Bachmann. The woman opens her mouth and the crazy rolls out. Is she ever concerned about the people she offends? Furthermore, if she were elected to the Oval Office and had an effective political organization behind her, American women would have more than a word uttered to oppress them; they would face laws and policies designed to set them back sixty years.

Her appearance on CNN the night before the Iowa Caucus, January 2, 2012, triggered this post. I saw her say that she was convinced that all the undecided voters would vote for her even though she's last in the polls. That was not political optimism, that was pure egomaniacal nuttiness, and so, this dictionary entry came to my mind. However, now that I finish this post, I find a surge of pity washing over me for Bachmann and the other ignorant souls who rise to power in America, pity for them and sorrow for the nation.

As for the word bitch, which really does not fit Bachmann anyway, people should probably find another, non-gender-associated word to replace the noun. For the verb, I'm considering caterwaul and bray, but I'm pretty sure that if people started using such words instead of bitch, soon someone would object to those words as well.

But back to Bachmann: It was clever of her to get people so riled up about use of the word bitch in that obscure song Questlove played that few discussed his commentary that she is a liar.

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