Sunday, May 13, 2012

Michael Ealy Jokes that Taraji P. Henson Stalked Him

I'm pretty sure what was bleeped out on Michael Ealy's interview with Wendy Williams was that he's an "a*s" man so (breasts) cups "don't matter" to him. He said he used to date older women, but now he's more open-minded (as though any ordinary woman reading or writing this blog would ever have a chance with him). The interview was cute, and it seems his co-star from Think Like a Man, the hilarious Kevin Hart, must have rubbed off on the delectable Ealy, age 38. When Williams asked him about his relationship with Taraji P. Henson, a question driven by their sizzling on-screen chemistry in Think Like a Man, he joked that Henson stalked him after the movie and he had to explain to her, "It's just a movie." That banter was quite amusing.

I saw Think Like a Man, despite not caring for the book that inspired the film, and it was funny, mostly thanks to Hart's comedic talent and the timing of the other actors. A woman in the row behind me laughed so hard at one point that I thought she might have stroke. I, too, more than once, laughed to the point of my eyes watering. And seeing Ealy half-naked in those hot scenes with Henson were worth the price of admission as well (This blogs often gets hits from people looking up Ealy because of his blue eyes.). Otherwise, the movie's ending was too much like a fairy tale, too pat. According to Williams, there's talk of a sequel. Now, that will be dangerous water.

I try to keep up with Ealy, ever since Barbershop, because in addition to being easy on the eyes, the young man is a talented actor. So, I'll have to make time to look at his new series on the USA network, Common Law.

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