Friday, June 22, 2012

Le Petit Prince Doll: Creator Says He Will Produce Book

I love it! Prince fan and artist Troy Gua created the doll you'll see in the video, Le Petit Prince, a tribute to Prince, the singer. I heard about it on Facebook today, but according to the video, the dolls went viral on the Internet back in the spring. Gua can't reproduce this doll for sale, an amazingly accurate likeness of Prince, without the star's permission, but if he could, someone would have to get me one for my birthday or Mother's Day or something, and I haven't had a doll since I was nine years old. (H/T Max Reddick via Facebook) Update: Troy Gua, the doll's creator, contacted me on Twitter and said he will be and is creating a book about the Le Petit Prince doll.

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