Friday, July 13, 2012

Do American Voters Understand the Romney Bain Issue?

Background Links:
  • CNN's John King's Take is that the Obama Campaign implies that Romney may have committed a felony by misrepresenting his role in Bain in 1999. But the Romney Campaign says Obama is a liar and Romney played no role in Bain in 1999 and after (when the company was outsourcing American jobs) because he left quickly to take over the Olympics. What a mess a mudslinging! What to say, what to say. (I feel like CNN's merely reporting he said/she said and leaving the real digging up to newspapers and the fact-checking nonprofits. Did its investigative reporting division get cut?)
  • says the Obama camp is "overreaching" with its accusations.
  • A Boston Globe story suggests, meh, maybe not so much "overreaching."
Question: Do you think most voters understand the nuance of President Obama's campaign or will American voters just listen to the mudslinging campaign ads of different sides and their pacs and vote down party lines as usual?

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