Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Whose shoes are those in this Idris Elba photo?

This blog gets hits daily from people who think it's about shoes, but as I've said many times before, "This blog is not about shoes." Nonetheless, sometimes I can't resist an intriguing shoe photo. Today, it's a great picture of the succulent actor Idris Elba that his fan page shared on Facebook.

The photo is a three-for-one prize because it features first, Elba, and second, he is holding what appears to be a cute, white Pomeranian dog in an apartment, and behind him, third, is a rack of women's shoes, mostly sexy shoes.

Elba, newly nominated for an Emmy Award, may be on set the of the new movie he's now shooting. Responding to his Emmy nomination, he issued this statement:
”Thank you everyone. I'm completely ecstatic for this nomination. It’s a great accomplishment for my team, BBC and as well as myself. I'm currently filming in South Africa but can’t wait to see everyone in September. Also congrats to everyone in my category as well, and a special thank you to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Cheers!“
According to IMDb, Elba is rumored to be playing the role of Nelson Mandela in Long Walk to Freedom. The Tomboy Films blog says it's not a rumor; it's true. So, although the ladies on Facebook express (tongue-in-cheek) concern about the sexy shoes in Elba's photo, more than likely the pumps and stilettos belong to a movie character. Maybe . . . *clears throat* . . . I'm not TMZ, but that decor in the photo is dated.

I also thought it could be from the set of his hit show Luther, but I don't think that's in production right now. In any event, all you Idris Elba fans out there, enjoy! And here he is with Jill Scott from last year's BET Awards.


le0pard13 said...

You might be interested to know that Idris made another recent list, too.

Vérité Parlant is Nordette Adams said...

Thank you for that, le0. If that ever happened, I know there would be a lot of complaints from certain corners. :-)