Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Double-Mitt Twins: Ticket Rhetoric (poem)

Ticket Rhetoric  
By Nordette N. Adams

   Mitt's mechanistic;
   Paul's penile-Palin,
   but smarter . . . maybe.
The Double-Mitt Twins
conceived to re-position
the winds of forefathers:

   retro-phase-y —
A paste-hasty
   empire strike!

Resetting grand narrative
to unrainbowed heritage:
   America unwomened
   then America unblack —
The great take-back.

Hegemonically suitable.
Red, white, and blues doable
America: the rerun.

© 2012 Nordette N. Adams


Steven Hart said...

*chortle* Nice! Maybe we should start calling them co-managers of a hegemon fund.

Stephen Brooke said...

Nicely put and pretty darn accurate!

Good and plenty said...

You got that right! Nice rendering of their scary, turn-back-the-clock reality.