Thursday, October 4, 2012

President Obama's Grandmother died in 2008 before he won

Obama with his grandmother in Hawaii
A young Barack Obama with his grandmother
Madelyn Dunham of Hawaii. She passed
away in 2008 at age 86 due to cancer.
I can only guess at the reason my blog suddenly has so many hits from people searching for information about President Obama's grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, who was his maternal grandmother, the mother of his mother, Ann Dunham.

The president spoke about Madelyn Dunham last night during the presidential debate, and to the left is the well-known picture of her hugging him when he was a younger man.

Some readers also may have heard that KitchenAid had to apologize for an offensive comment someone connected to the company tweeted last night when the president mentioned his grandmother. It came from the company's official account. Companies need to stop letting any idiot have access to their social media accounts.

Below this paragraph I've added links you may find useful if you're sincerely interested in his relationship with his grandmother Dunham, his white grandmother (I don't think the president knew his African grandmother. The Sarah Obama of Kenya that Yahoo image search shows as the president's grandmother is not his biological grandmother. ). However, it is through his grandmother Dunham that research (pdf) tentatively traced the president's "white" roots back to an African slave. His white grandfather, Stanley Dunham, however, has not connection to slavery. He was English and Irish.

Here is a video of then-candidate Obama speaking about his grandmother in 2008 after her death. He said that she was a humble and plainspoken person, a quiet hero.

To educate the people who are coming by looking for pictures of the president's grandmother and are being sent to my post on the First Grandmother,  I must inform you that Yahoo is sending you to the wrong picture. The First Grandmother post is about First Lady Michelle Obama's mother, Marian Robinson, who is alive and well.

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