Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Judy Smith, the Crisis Manager on Whom ABC's Scandal Bases Olivia Pope, Takes on Client from Petraeus Mess

Real-life "Olivia Pope" inspiration, Judy Smith, has been hired by Jill Kelley of the Petraeus fiasco, reports AdAge. I came across this tidbit while reading Margaret Colson's column at Bloomberg in which she discusses the differences between how the media treats women during such media spectacles and how the media treats men.

Of Kelley hiring Smith, Colson observes that both Kelley and Paula Broadwell have hired crisis managers and notes that with the star of this real-life scandal, General Petraeus, remaining well under the radar, the two women have drawn the eyes: "The less the news media can find out about the star of the show, the more they will focus on the bit players," writes Colson. Her column also indicates that she's being criticized for writing about the women.

From what I can see, Judy Smith must have her hands full with Kelley. Sources report that Kelley, the Florida "socialite" who drew in an FBI agent to investigate the anonymous "harassing" emails that turned out to come from Broadwell, is in deep financial trouble and has also been under the false impression that she has diplomatic immunity.

Given that her husband is a cancer surgeon, the pair must have been living far above their means to land in so much debt, which begs the question, How can she afford to hire Judy Smith? A book deal must be in the making here for her.

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