Thursday, December 13, 2012

I Almost Felt Guilty Laughing at Maine Justice on SNL with Jamie Foxx (Video) Happy Birthday, Jamie!

If you're looking for the March 9, 2013, episode with Justin Timberlake, try this link. The following post shows video featuring the Jamie Foxx episode of December 2012.

For six months this year, Jamie Foxx worked in New Orleans starring in Quentin Tarantino's slave film Django Unchained. Perhaps it was then that he noticed all the different accents and the craziness that goes on down here.

On this past weekend's Saturday Night Live, Foxx joined the SNL cast in a wild skit called "Maine Justice" that poked fun at New Orleans' colorful characters and our strange ways. It had a snippet of commentary as well about Hurricane Katrina survivors who have moved away from the city, but don't want to give up the New Orleans way of life.

Of course, as the NOLA Defender notes, this comedy skit is not the first one in which SNL's taken a comic swing at the Crescent City. New Orleans resident and political commentator James Carville is often the butt of jokes on SNL's Weekend Update, and native Aaron Neville's taken a hit before as well.

Someone down here probably didn't find the skit amusing and may call me a traitor for laughing. Sorry, but I couldn't help myself; I lmao watching "Maine Justice," and I count the skit as a love lick from SNL and Jamie.

Foxx also sent up New Orleans native Tyler Perry during the show with an impression of Perry performing Alex Cross as Madea and Perry.

By the way, today is Jamie Foxx's birthday. He was born today in 1967 in Texas and given the name Eric Morlon Bishop.