Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Trevin Hunte Performs "And I Am Telling You" on The Voice

Last night on NBC's The Voice, Trevin Hunte performed "And I am Telling You" from Dream Girls, the show-stealing ballad made famous by Jennifer Holliday and Jennifer Hudson. He changed the words to, "I'm the best man you'll ever know. There's no way I could ever go." His performance seems to have undone Christina Aguilera. She told him that if he does not get a record contract, she wants him to tour with her.

The audience went wild. Trevin's coach on the show is Cee Lo Green, but Cee Lo was ill earlier in the week and Pat Monahan of Train coached Trevin for last night's show. However, Cee Lo was there for the live show and did a little dance after Trevin's performance.

I bought the whole cut from iPhones, and I've got to tell you that the boy has something in his voice that will bring you to tears.

Show recap at Rolling Stone.

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