Sunday, February 24, 2013

McCain, President Obama, and the Republican Base: Impeachment and Voter Fraud Again? (video)

The video above shows Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain in a pickle again, having to defend President Obama to the fringier folks of the Republican base. The first clip is from a 2008 neeting when a McCain supporter says then-candidate Obama is an Arab. The second clip comes from footage of a McCain Town Hall meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, held this year, 2013.

First a Cuban-American woman named Angelica asks, Why hasn't President Obama been impeached yet? Right after her, another woman stands and says President Obama won election due to voter fraud. McCain dismisses the first question and attempts to refute the second comment.

His moves are correct for the current political climate: Republicans are trying to avoid a seeming alignment with the peoples of Crazyville. But he walks a tightrope. While the GOP calls such people (like the women speaking) their fringe, they must be careful not to antagonize them the same way some Democratic candidates in the South try not to antagonize constituents they know to be racists (Yes, there are racists in both parties). Politicians are always mindful of who butters their bread.

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