Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's Maine Justice Again on SNL and I'm Still Laughing

SNL's at it again poking at us down here in New Orleans, Louisiana, with Maine Justice, where the whole world is flipped. This time with Justin Timberlake. I knew that they must have broadcasted another installation of this craziness last night when my old post about Maine Justice with Jamie Foxx got more than 200 hits in an hour sometime after midnight Central Standard Time.

Whatever I said the last time, still applies this time. They even had people yelling "Who Dat" in the background for the Timberlake skit (You'd think that Memphis native would have wanted to spoof his birth town instead. Memphis has its share of weirdness, too.). Perhaps with more people having recently followed the Super Bowl events (including the lights going out), more viewers understand better why Maine Justice is amusing.

And the second line at the end, while far fetched in terms of court, is not far fetched in terms of everyday life here. As my home video below indicates, I was caught in one six weeks ago (@ 6:40 on the video), and, by the way, I had to dodge one on Orleans Avenue this afternoon on my way from church. But this is my city, and I love it, especially its beignets and spontaneous dancing in the streets.

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