Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sherry West's Daughter Doubts Story of Baby Antonio's Death (Video)

Read the latest on this case at this blog at this link.

UPDATES, March 2013:
Evidence is mounting against the boys, Elkins and the now-identified 15-year-old Dominique Lang. While Sherry West's story seems off (perhaps due to her alleged mental illnesses), it's starting to look as though she's telling the truth. A gun's been recovered. Read more here.

Today, someone left a link in comments on my post "Baby Shot in Stroller, 2013: Echoes of Susan Smith, 1994" that directs readers to a new element in the Baby Antonio murder case. The story at the link raises more questions about the baby's mother, Sherry West. In the video below, West's daughter, Ashley Glassey, tells a Brunswick, Georgia, television reporter that "she does not want to falsely accuse anyone but she wants the truth."

According to this KSDK story, West lost custody of Glassey when the young woman was eight years old, but Glassey says she has forgiven her mother for whatever took place back then. Nonetheless, she also says that her mother, West, suffers from bipolar disorder with "schizophrenic tendencies." Glassey says that she has been suspicious about the circumstances of Baby Antonio's death since her mother first called her and told her that the 13-month-old had been killed. At that time, Glassey says West changed details about the shooting, saying that the baby was shot first not West as West has since told the media, and shortly after speaking of the murder, West asked how soon did Glassey think the insurance company would pay benefits.

Having dealt with two deaths in my family last year, I consider that it's possible that West wondered about the baby's life insurance benefits because she needed that money to pay funeral expenses. However, as I noted in my second post about the Baby Antonio case, West had his body cremated shortly after his death; therefore, funeral expenses should not have been significant.

Furthermore, in West early interviews, she seemed to me to be very focused on moving back to New Jersey, which made me think that she may have been thinking about moving away from Baby Antonio's father, Luis Santiago, before the baby was killed. As I noted yesterday, an AJC article indicates that Santiago seemed more angry at West when he was notified of the baby's death than he appeared to be angry at the boys she accused: he blamed West for the baby's death.

I also wrote in that post yesterday that West's son Shaun Glassey, who was stabbed to death in New Jersey in 2008, was not the innocent victim of a crime as West represents him in the media. Another boy stabbed her son in self-defense when Shaun Glassey and other teens jumped the boy.

If West has a mental disorder and was the victim of a crime in which she witnessed the shooting of her baby, then this story is even sadder for her. A person can only take so much. But it's equally possible that this story is another kind of tragedy. It's possible that West saw De'Marquise Elkins someplace else, harmed her own baby, couldn't deal with what she'd done, and then hallucinated or invented the story she's told police and the press. I hope the Brunswick police know what they're doing because they quickly arrested the accused boys based on West's story and identification.

Just as West's daughter does not want to accuse her of anything, I also am reluctant to point a finger at her because no one wants to bring more heartache to a grieving mother. West is innocent until proven otherwise. But so are those boys.

I hope people will be careful not to demonize the two teen boys who've been arrested based on the accusations of an unstable woman.  And I especially hope that people will not be sucked into the propaganda readily constructed by racists commenting on this crime and who seek to capitalize on this tragedy for the sake of their political agenda.

It's horrible, for instance, that George Zimmerman's brother, Robert Zimmerman Jr, took to Twitter recently calling black teens "killers." He readily assumed that the boys are guilty, did not question Sherry West's strange story at all, and then he equated Trayvon Martin with alleged shooter De'Marquise Elkins. (But Trayvon Martin did not have the gun; George Zimmerman did.) Obviously, the man has an agenda for which he will gladly sacrifice every black teen to achieve. This is just more of the blood lust we Americans must work to avoid.

In the Baby Antonio case, more than ever, we need to be careful to not rush to judgement. It's possible the boys committed this horrible crime, but it's also quite possible that West invented her story accusing them. Either way, a baby is dead, and with no other witnesses and an awareness that West may not be as credible as people have assumed, her version of how her son died needs to be examined.

Updated 3/26/13, 11:00 PM: Police have recovered a gun in the case and Elkins alibi has been derailed. His mother and aunt have been arrested for lying to the police.


Jan said...

My opinion is, that Sherry West is not telling the truth about some things.

Again, just my opinion.

Vérité Parlant is Nordette Adams said...

Thank you, Jan. She sounds shady, but it also sounds more and more that the two suspects really did commit this awful crime.

Read the most recent info here.

Jan said...

Just remember that its very easy for police to frame someone for a crime. They can plant evidence, bribe witnesses and do other things. That is what happened to Bambi Bembenek and she spent many years in prison; framed for a murder she did not commit.

I think its possible someone else committed the murder. We don't know who or why.

If these two boys really are guilty, will it have the same affect that the George Zimmerman case had? That one almost started a race war.

Concerned Citizen said...

I feel like the boy's are guilty of the crime but I also feel Sherry is guilty to. I feel like she owed them boy's some money & they didn't intend to kill the baby. I can't help but to wonder if she held the baby up as a shield the reason why her ear was only braised. I've been following the story & Something isn't right with Sherry West. What mother doesn't show up for their own baby candlelight visual, the memorial & tells the funeral home to do whatever with the ashes. Her ONLY concern seems to be the timeframe of when the check is coming. I don't understand why people trying to make this to be a black/white issue because it's not. I'm a black woman & I feel bad because it was an innocent life taking for no reason. I would like to see justice for baby Antonio.

Dove said...

I too hope that if the boys really did it, they are convicted. But?!?! SOMETHING isn't quite right about her story of events. I am not expert, but I got this same feeling back when Susan Smith made the same claim, and I thought that she wasn't telling the truth about what or how it happened. If the boys did it, I haven't heard any evidence that either of the boys had taken and/or lost a polygraph, which would go a long way to help ease my mind if they did do it. Nowhere in this story does it say that either of them had gun residue on their hands to suggest they had fired a weapon. Also, and I am continuing to read up on this story, but as of now I haven't heard any one of the witnesses claim that they saw the shooters. Nor have I seen any reason to suspect them, other than they just happened to be 2 students who happened to have been skipping school that day and had no alibi. I also have heard as of late, that both the father and the mother were found to have had gunshot residue on them. This might somehow be easily explained, but it is curiously odd to me. It also seemed as if there was a very difficult problem in the relationship of the child's mother and father, it seemed a little hostile and heated. This woman's daughter doesn't really even seem to believe her mother about what happened to the child. There have been past issues of neglect and another son who was killed. At the very least, she apparently wasn't the best mom in the world, though that doesn't mean that she is a killer. If the boys did it, they deserve whatever they get. But they evidence against them better start getting a whole lot more detailed in the upcoming days. Just my thoughts.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I had my mother and wife both cremated and it still cost a fair amount for the funerals. I'm sure that she DOES need the money.

Jennifer said...

My opinion is, that Sherry West is not telling the truth about some things.

Again, just my opinion.

Jennifer Dominquez