Thursday, April 4, 2013

"Am I the Same Girl" doing the "Soulful Strut"? (videos)

I'm having an attack of "Am I the Same Girl" fixation tonight, listening to its different versions again. This fit comes around every eight or nine years, I'm starting to think, and I have loved almost every version of this song, including its incarnations as the instrumental "Soulful Strut" by Young Holt Limited in 1968-69 (according to Wikipedia session musicians actually were the ones playing on that cut) and a remake by Grover Washington in 1996 that I bought as soon as I heard it.

The song was written by Eugene Record (of the Chi-lites) and Sonny Sanders, according to Wikipedia and recorded first by Barbara Acklin, whose version I've included among the videos below. I can't remember which one I heard first, her version when I was eight years old or Young Holt Limited's instrumental. If Wikipedia is correct about Acklin's voice being stripped out of the release, I must have heard the Young Holt cut. Their version is the one I've posted first.

Next is Barbara Acklin's 1968 version of "Am I the Same Girl." I think I remember hearing this version on the radio back then, but it may have been Dusty Springfield's version I recall.

Here's Dusty Springfield's version, which also came out when I was eight or nine. I suppose it's not surprising that I recall this song so much since about three versions came out at the same time. I associate the older versions that came out in 1968-69 with visiting California in the summer and the later versions with my marriage during the 1990s, which was probably when the lyrics became more meaningful to me.

Swing Out Sister's remake, 1992. I bought this one, too, but maybe five or six years after its release. I like their additional lyrics near the end.

And Grover Washington's rendition, which I purchased as soon as I heard it.

This is what happens when I stay up way past my bedtime.

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