Thursday, April 4, 2013

Finally some good news: Man wrongfully convicted of rape Signs with Atlanta Falcons (video)

The story of Brian Banks moved me and many others last year when we heard that he had been released from prison after serving five years on bogus rape charges and then five years on probation. The young woman who falsely accused him of kidnapping and raping her when they were in high school tried to friend in on Facebook after he had moved on with his life. With the help of private detective, he met with her; she admitted that she lied, and he was exonerated.

I wrote about his story when it broke in 2012, and I'm happy to post about his good news again today. Banks (a star football player in high school before the false accusation and imprisonment derailed his chance at a full college scholarship) has been signed to the Atlanta Falcons. That's the outcome I rooted for.

I've posted CNN's updated video report below.

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THANXXX so very much for posting about this brother, his trials, and his victory.