Saturday, April 13, 2013

Make Me Rainbows: I do love Ella Fitzgerald

I am on an Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie kick right now with frequent turns back to Nancy Wilson. Here's Ella singing "Make Me Rainbows" with the Count Basie Orchestra. There's something about listening to this music that makes me feel my parents, now both deceased, are still very near. Also, a love for this kind of music is one of the things my brother and I shared. He died last year.

I mention these deaths, but I'm not particularly sad today. I'm in a reflective mood.

Following "Make Me Rainbows," Ella sings "After You've Gone." It's part of a live concert at the Montreaux Jazz Festival recorded in 1979. As I said on Facebook, few singers today have so much fun with manipulating their voices skillfully and playing with notes as singers of Ella's era did. However, I truly enjoyed Candice Glover's performance of "Lovesong" on American Idol a few nights ago. She wasn't as jazzy as Ella, but if she wanted to be over time, I think she could be.


Deborah Latham-White (msladydeborah) said...

One of the things that I really appreciate about our parents generation is the fact that there are so many great artist!

Muthu Pearl said...

Ella Fitzgerald Google Doodle Watch the Video here.