Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Voice Knock Out Rounds: Shakira's Match-Up, Sincere. Adam's, Disingenuous (Video)

Coach Shakira matched Sasha Allen ("At Last") with Shawna P. ("Maybe I'm Amazed"), and I think Shakira was sincere presenting that knock-out-round match-up. Sasha won, rightfully so, but Shawna was a fierce competitor. At least Shakira tried to offer a real battle.

Coach Adam Levine, on the other hand, played the audience a bit, pitting Orlando Dixon ("All My Life") against the Michael-Jackson-favored and much more polished Judith Hill ("Always on My Mind"). He had to have known that Hill would knock Dixon out. Had to. I mean, Dixon is talented, but he was outmatched here and anyone paying attention would have known that before either singer sang the first note. I like you, Adam, but dude, come on!

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