Thursday, May 30, 2013

Poets Should Not Post Love Poems On The Internet

Oriental Turtle Dove (Streptopelia orientalis) by Nikhil

"Dead Birds Sigh A Prayer"*
by Nordette N. Adams

I have been told,
"Do not post poems on the Internet!"

See, the serious poet
embeds her words
only at the base of ivory
towers where an usher pushes
a diamond-crusted elevator button,
calling offerings to the spire
of the poet gods.

"A poem is a sacrifice,"
I have been told, and

"Love poems are the worst things in the world to share,
ruining reputations."

I see
you too,
have been told
how to withhold romance
from mortals. Yet

our love poems crust with dust in digital drawers for
googling imaginations.

We are a sad pair,
me saving feathers
on a green cliff,
you moulting,

So, ignore      these words,
                      a poem,
my working-through-
losing-you drafts,
you man with feathers
who for me was what
Dickinson heard

© 2013 Nordette N. Adams

*Title taken from the last line of Shakespeare's "The Phoenix and the Turtle Dove."

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