Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Small Child Running Near the Gunman in New Orleans Shooting Photo: The Toll of Gun Violence on Children (Video)

Look at this picture. Does that look like a small child running alone from the shooter? So young, so small, and already he's had to learn to escape a bullet.

The man in the photo aims at the scattering crowd attending the New Orleans Mother's Day Second Line Parade. Police are currently searching for the suspect, allegedly Akein Scott. But did you notice that small child?

Yesterday, I didn't write much about the mass shooting in New Orleans on Mother's Day. Despite my having started the Urban Mother's Book of Prayers years ago, I had little to say in public. I was somewhere between numb and raving mad, I wrote to someone in email.

We've had so many shootings here, far too many during which a gunman decides to shoot into a crowd or have a shootout on a busy street. We had at least three incidents of innocent bystanders wounded or killed by stray bullets during shootouts last year.

The most heart-wrenching case was that of 5-year-old Briana Allen shot to death at a birthday party. The case so disturbed one of our seasoned photographers that he wrote an eloquent essay about seeing her little body. And Mayor Landrieu mentioned Briana, among others, yesterday when he addressed the city about the Mother's Day mass shooting.

Multiple reports and documentaries have focused on the toll gun violence is taking on New Orleans, especially on our children. Yesterday, I posted the trailer for Shellshocked, one such film.

Yesterday afternoon, I saw a video at NOLA.com of children being interviewed at school about the shooting. All who spoke were terrified, unable to sleep well.

And this morning NOLA.com reports that one of the 10-year-old victims grazed by a bullet at the Mother's Day Shooting is the cousin of little Briana Allen. Ka'Nard Allen was the birthday boy that fateful day when Briana was killed. He was grazed that day, too, at his birthday party. So, with the Mother's Day shooting, he's a victim of gunfire again. He doesn't want to talk about any of this, says the article. You can see how this violence is too much for us all, especially children. See the video below. In it one child questions why anyone has a gun.

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