Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sasha Allen Singing "Ain't No Way" vs. Aretha and Whitney Houston (Video)

"Ain't No Way" is one of my favorite Aretha Franklin songs. In fact, years ago I had a post up at an old blog about the Queen of Soul and that song. I am one of those people who would be hard on anyone singing it, so when I say Sasha Allen sang that song amazingly on this week's episode of The Voice, I mean it.

"Ain't No Way" came out when I was eight years old. My mother and aunts were Aretha Franklin fans, and back then, I probably liked it as much as an eight-year-old could. The song, however, became truly a favorite when I was much older and had experienced some of the grief of romance. Aretha's version (posted below) will most likely always be my favorite. Whitney Houston's version, also posted below, doesn't even sway me from Aretha's signature performance.

"Ain't No Way" was written by Aretha's sister Carolyn. Cissy Houston, Whitney's mother, sang the high "ooooh" vocalization part in the background on Aretha's version, and Whitney kept that part in her live version of the song.  I missed that in Sasha's version. However, I suspect leaving it out makes the song more current. Aretha's version always gives me chills. Whitney's live performance not so much, but Sasha's rendition raised some; must be duende.

The Voice audience seemed to go nuts more over Sasha's second performance of Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats" song. How much of their excitement hinged on Sasha ripping off her red dress, I don't know. (Isn't "Before He Cheats" the country music version of "I Bust the Windows Out Your Car"?) Some critics are calling her performance of that song "highlight" of the show. I think Sasha did the Underwood song for the same reason Michelle Chamuel performed Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble," to show she could sing whatever is popular. I enjoyed the Underwood cover, especially as Sasha taking a stand that she can sing whatever she wants, but I still preferred her first performance.

Whitney Houston sings "Ain't No Way."

I'll be on the lookout for Elisa Camhort's review of last night's show on BlogHer.com. She's got a  girl crush on Sasha.

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ElisaC said...

You're right, I do! And since I'm not familiar with the song via either Aretha or Whitney, Sasha's version is now my version :) Thanks for sharing these others!