Tuesday, July 2, 2013

LeVar Burton Shows His Hands to Police to Calm Officers

I did not watch the CNN report on the n-word versus cracker. I'm too old to waste my time with fruitless discussions; however, this clip from that show with LeVar Burton, Wynton Marsalis, Don Lemon, and Tim Wise came to my attention, and I thought it was worth posting.

In the clip Burton tells how he, as a black man, behaves when stopped in his car by police officers. Then Don Lemon talks about how often he was stopped by the police in Baton Rouge, and Tim Wise, who lived in New Orleans for 10 years and graduated from Tulane, tells of how he locked himself out of his car one day in New Orleans. A policeman saw him breaking into the car and without bothering to find out whether it was Wise's car or not, the officer proceeded to show him how to get into the car. The officer said, "Wait, you're not doing it right." Wise said he knows that if he had been black that would have never happened.

Now, I know that's true.

As for CNN, lately I've had little patience for that network. I don't know if they've had some changes in management or what, but in the last six weeks or so, the coverage has seemed inaccurate and flat to me, the brief segment above may be one of the exceptions, but even in it there's little room for depth. Also, its coverage of the Zimmerman trial feels like the work of chimpanzees. Are they pulling their trial experts' names out of a hat?

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