Thursday, January 30, 2014

Prince appears: If I'm not watching New Girl on Fox after the Super Bowl, then I must be in a coma (video)

Nick And Jess Meet Prince! from "Prince" | NEW GIRL | FOX

Okay, it's like this. I am a Purple Hippie, a lover of all things Prince Rogers Nelson. People who really know me know this. Consequently, if I am not at the Prince concert in New Orleans during the coming summer's Essence Festival here in New Orleans, then I'm probably dead. Likewise, if I don't watch New Girl on Fox after the Super Bowl this Sunday, I must be comatose. And I have never watched New Girl. However, his Royal Purpleness, the one and only Prince, will be a guest on the show after the game, so you know where I'll be.

When I first saw the New Girl promo for episode "Prince," I didn't believe it was real because Prince did not appear in the promo. It was just Jess (Zoeoy Deschanel) and her friend CeCe (Hannah Simone) screaming like maniacs. But then I saw the promo with Prince, and I started screaming like a maniac. Seriously, he is only celebrity that can make me flip out and lose my mind like a 14-year-old. The show's writers must know a host of people act this crazy when it comes the megastar because the first clip in this post shows Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess losing their minds in his presence and Prince anticipating it. Hilarious.

Here are two more promos. Very funny.

Prince Preps Jess from "Prince" | NEW GIRL | FOX BROADCAST


I'm surprised Fox has uploaded so many Prince promo videos on Youtube, but I'm glad the network did, and it's probably smart.

Prince Tells Jess Why She Can't Tell Nick She Loves Him from "Prince" | NEW GIRL | FOX BROADCASTING

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