Monday, May 26, 2008

FOX Contributor Jokes About Wanting Obama Killed

Do we cal it freedom of speech or terrorism with a giggle? Leave it to a FOX News contributor to take the recent bruhaha regarding Clinton's RFK assassination statements, discuss it live, and sink to a new low. As you can see in this short video clip now and as pointed out at The Huffington Post:
During a live interview, FOX Contributor Liz Trotta jokingly wished for the assassination of Sen. Barack Obama.

This latest incident from FOX News continues the trend in violent rhetoric about Sen. Obama from pundits, politicians, and entertainers. (Source: HP)
For the last ten months I've been pretty quiet online about this election, and what I've written on the topic is now offline for other reasons. I've been quiet because the type of rhetoric that's surfaced during the 2008 election process makes me angry, so angry I've got to stop and count to 1,000. It also makes me sad about the state of humanity.

When I say the election's nasty, you know what I mean, the Michelle Obama ugliness, the Rev. Wright blow-up, and standard FOX News crap like this incident with Trotta supposedly misspeaking and calling Barack Obama by other than his name and giggling at the thought of his assassination. In addition, the sexism in which media bathes while covering Hillary Clinton also disturbs me. Humans sink to low levels easily.

There's no doubt where Trotta's heart is when it comes to presidential contender Barack Obama. She talks about "knocking off" the young senator, equating him with Osama bin Laden, and then says she and her allies would knock off "both if we could." Who is this "we" she mentions and will the Secret Service investigate her?

I'll ask again, "Is Trotta practicing freedom of speech or terrorism with a giggle?" She's definitely terrorizing Barack Obama supporters and any other American who fears another assassination in this country. I thought Ken Olbermann went overboard taking Hillary to task on the RFK reference, but much of what he had to say could definitely be applied to Trotta. Does giggling after making a horrible comment diminish the horror?

Trotta's not doing political satire here, so, what's really doing, and will FOX News ever be reigned in?

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Hello there! {waves}

Thank you for your support of Black Women Blow The Trumpet! I intend to work hard to make sure that quality content is consistently being offered!

Thank you for blowing your trumpet about the outrageous comments made by Liz.

Liz was being completely inappropriate. I have a link on my blog to a petition to have her fired as well as the name and email address of her boss.

We MUST take action!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Vérité Parlant said...

Thanks for dropping by. I visited your site again today. Highly informative. :-)

I'd sign a petition, but really FOX News loves this kind of stuff. They'll probably give her a raise.