Thursday, June 19, 2008

Down to 16 on SYTYCD: Susie and Marquis Out!

I write about So You Think You Can Dance because I like the show, but I don't do detailed recaps. I will say, however, that I enjoyed the group number of the results show tonight. Did Shane Sparks do that? I looked away near the end, but I'm pretty sure he choreographed the opening number.

Bottom three tonight by votes:
  • Chelsea and Thayne. It was a pretty dopey number, but I don't think it was all their fault. By dopey I mean kind of off on the timing and I didn't like the costumes. Last night's performance wasn't as hot as last week's performance, which you can watch at YouTube. It's good to see that Dick Clark Productions is letting the clips stay at YouTube now. Last week they'd all been removed when I dropped by. The other good news is we get to see Chelsea and Thayne dance for their lives.
  • Susie and Marquis. I only half-paid attention to the routine so no comment. Or maybe that is a comment. It didnt' hold my attention.
  • Comfort and Chris. Oh, it wasn't as bad as Nigel said, telling Chris he looked like 'Mama, wanna peepee.'
Boy, Nigel really tried to let them down easily before he gave his criticism and announced the eliminations. He gave a long speech about how they're all still talented dancers. Speaking to the women, he told Chelsea she's got to step it up, but she was safe. He said Comfort didn't find her potential, but she was safe. Susie, ouch! He said she didn't use the stage as much, and she's out of there! Do you recall that she's a high-school teacher?

On the men, he pointed out it was three contemporary dancers. Thayne, much potential, said Nigel. He told Marquis did too many tricks and they wanted more. According to Nigel said Chris danced with passion tonight, and so Marquis went home. Perhaps he didn't shine enough personality on them.

Hot guy dancing Flamenco, Tino Munoz? You never know with the captioning, and I didn't catch what Cat Deeley called him, but did I say he was hot?

Enjoyed all the solos, maybe Susie's not so much. Comfort reminded us why Nigel keeps saying she's so good. I wanted Chris to do well, but I felt Marquis and Thayne may have out-danced him. Thank goodness the judges disagreed.

Flo Rida performed. Just another rapper to me, but I bet if I were young and in the clubs I'd love him. I may be a middle-aged mama, but I still recognize a bop-your-butt beat when I hear one.

If you like bounce-by-bounce recaps of this show, check out last night's recap at BlogHer. Like Jeanne, I thought the judges would split up a couple tonight, but they didn't.

For those dropping to see 6/18 video of Twitch and Kherington's waltz in tribute to Jean Marc Genereux's daugther, who has Rett Syndrome, here's the YouTube clip of Twitchington. It's the only one I found. I'll have to check back later to see if anyone adds one with judges' critiques.

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ByJane said...

spoiler spoiler posted this before SYTYCD was broadcast on the West Coast. ;)

Vérité Parlant said...

I'm sorry. I forgot about the West Coast. Oops. I'll remember next time and if I want to go to bed, I'll warn people that it's a spoiler. :-)