Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hell hath no fury like a scorned Hillary supporter ...

Or that's what some people would have us believe. Morra Aarons is tackling such propaganda at BlogHer today. She's debating how the media and marketers like to box women and attach labels such as "Hillary Women" or "Soccer Moms" or "Sex-in-the-City-Voters." She's also addressing the persistent idea that women who've supported Hillary are so angry over Obama's winning the Democratic nomination that they may vote for McCain instead of the Democrat.

I commented on her post and mentioned another label for Hillary supporters that Anna Greenberg discussed at The Huffington Post. You've got your angry white men, angry black men, and now you've got your angry white women, disgruntled Hillary fans.

Over at Obama's site on the Women for Obama page, they've now got up a Welcome Hillary Supporters banner. I guess they're facing their obstacles head on. Morra believes the best way for Obama to make inroads with Hillary supporters is to continue to squash the myth that McCain is a moderate.
Mary Katharine Ham asks, will Hillary's women swing? I say no way, if Obama keeps doing what he's been doing and corrects some misinformation, such as the impression many women have that McCain is a moderate. Many attribute Obama's success to his campaign's unique ability to give supporters a feeling of being in the driver's seat, after years of feeling our government ignored our wishes and acted with unilateral abandon. From to "Yes we can," Obama successfully conveyed we're all in this together. He needs our help, we need his. Obama gives us, the voters, a sense of control and voice in our future. (from Morra's post)
I agree. Obama should have the same strategy for so-called "Hillary women" that he has for independent voters. Treat them with respect, honor their intelligence.

Morra's post also informed me that Michelle Obama will guest host on The View June 18. I'll try to remember to tape that. You know some people are obsessing about how the potential first couple interacts, even questioning simple gestures like their giving each other some dap.

I didn't mention the dap business at the "Hillary women" post, but I did say that angry people are more prone not to vote at all rather than vote for someone whose positions they oppose, and I asked the following question:
How will the election be impacted if disgruntled folks who believe they've been disenfranchised choose to stay home from the polls? (BlogHer Comment)
Do you think smart American women who've supported Hillary would be that spiteful? I don't.

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