Saturday, June 7, 2008

I Don't Want to Sound Sexist But Woman-Up, Son

I'm going to tell you a truth about life, and in order to do that, I'm putting my revelation in context with the comedy of Russell Peters and his commentary about our racist world. In the piece, Peters draws laughter pointing out a snippet of reality we've probably observed, and he begins it telling white people how much he admires them.

White people, my white American friends, I'm here to tell you something. I like you. And I'm not just saying that, you know, to say it. I'm telling you for a reason because I think white people have done some major things in the past 30 years. They've really taken some strides. ...
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ByJane said...

I read this post on BlogHer earlier today, and now I'm here from the link at your comment on My mother had no sons, just two daughters, but only one of us was willing to woman-up. Well, I suppose I should be fair: my sister's husband paid the bills and I did all the caretaking.