Friday, June 20, 2008

John McCain's Vagina Monologue

Updated August 30, 2008: How does this video and McCain's Vagina Monologue play now that John McCain's chosen Sarah Palin as his running mate? I say, it plays the same. Are women gullible enough to back him for his tokenism? If you want to know what a man thinks of women, watch how he treats his wife. In this case, McCain has two examples, wife one (Carol McCain) and wife two (Cindy McCain), for observation.

Some people don't think how McCain has treated the women in his life should be an issue. By choosing a female running mate to woo women voters, McCain's relationship with women deserves scrutiny. He wants to enter the presidency already playing games with the American people. Palin's a pawn.

I know that John McCain calling his wife a c**t is antithetical to the spirit of Eve's Ensler's show The Vagina Monologues, but having attended V-Day in New Orleans last April, I thought of Ensler's "c" word monologue as soon as I saw the Public Service Administration's satirical video on McCain's word for Cindy McCain. Jason Linkins calls the word "the most vulgar and misogynist word in our vocabulary."

I'm wondering about the same phenomena addressed in this video, the failure of the media to cover this story. Actors in the video suggest McCain's 1992 "C" word moment should've been played repeatedly the way the media replayed Rev. Jeremiah Wright clips.

If McCain talks about his own wife this way in front of others, no wonder the news network backing his candidacy called Michelle Obama "Obama's baby mama." Birds of a feather ... you know.

The video's funny. Parental guidance suggested.

Update 6/26: Another link in which McCain does not deny he called his wife the "c" word (HP), plus the video of his nonanswer when asked whether he really said it. I think the cunt story is covered in a new book, The Real McCain. I also think McCain doesn't deny it because he knows the reporters in front of which he made the remark are still alive to tell the truth.

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Good and plenty said...

Wow! I hadn't heard about this. The video made me laugh out loud.
Cunt is one of the words I most hate to describe the Magic Vee.

Vérité Parlant said...

My daughter, 27, said this is something all women voters should know. I agree, but I wonder how many would say, "I really don't care what McCain calls his wife."

Thanks for stopping by.