Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Michelle Obama on The View thanking Laura Bush and Giving Bump Love

I didn't get to see Michelle Obama today on The View, and so, I'm glad someone's posted video at YouTube and hope that The View let's the video stay posted at YouTube. Maneuvering through a TV show website in search of a specific video can be a pain in the nether regions. Here's the video clip.

Before I saw this clip, I saw another clip from today's episode of The View on World News Tonight that showed Michelle Obama's response to First Lady Laura Bush defending her against some of the flack she's taken over her "first time ... proud of my country" statement. According to a Reuter's article (via The View), Mrs. Obama wrote Mrs. Bush a thank you note.
"I was touched by it and actually I sent her a note," Obama said on "The View." "It took me a while to write it. Like, how do I address her? I sent it to 'Madam First Lady.' I don't want to talk about it because she might not have it yet. (NYT/Reuters)
Mrs. Obama greeted the other women of The View by giving each a fist-bump. You may have read that FOX News created a controversy over the meaning of "the bump" shared between Mrs. Obama and her husband, Sen. Barack, even going so far in a teaser to suggest it was a terrorist handshake. Other media folks have also discussed it as though "giving some dap" is newsworthy. I guess it is if you're in the running to be "first couple." Either way, it's amusing to see how some white Americans perceives expressions that some black Americas use nearly everyday. Amusing, but also sometimes sad.

BTW, I found the YouTube clip while visiting

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