Tuesday, June 10, 2008

O'Reilly on Conservative Bias in Media and Bill Moyers

By now you've probably heard about the FOX News producer that attempted to corner PBS' Bill Moyers but got taken to school instead. Today at The Political Voices of Women they've published my post from yesterday about that, Fox News Tastes Karma through Bil Moyers , and Catherine Morgan's added commentary from other bloggers also. In addition she's posted O'Reilly's response to assertions that FOX News has a conservative bias.

I've embedded that clip below. In it O'Reilly has a two-second clip of of Moyers speaking at the National Conference for Media Reform, I think, and then Dan Rather, and he calls them both dinosaurs. He and the contributors to the segment talk over Moyers and Rather clips. We never hear the men speak, a common practice at FOX. However, you do see more passionate people speaking against FOX earlier in the clip. You know why they do that, right? Passionate people look more threatening.

Later O'Reilly uses black Fox Contributor Juan Williams to help his case that not only do "liberals" hate FOX News but they also hate everything about traditional American values, he believes. O'Reilly starts out saying to Williams something like "You're African-American" ... and Williams is quite happy to go with O'Reilly's flow. Standard fare for making a false case: Find someone who you think should belong to the group that opposes you and get that person to sell your lie for you.

O'Reilly purposely misses a critical point made about FOX News. The network's not only biased in its coverage but also consistently inaccurate. FOX News pundits, producers, and reporters are fact twisters extraordinaire.

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