Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Paula goes home on She's Got the Look: You had to see that coming

She's Got The Look, what a cry fest tonight! Revelations of a stabbing, trauma via school-yard teasing, plus a "the shame" of divorce. And did you see the Beverly Johnson wig commercial, I mean, her marketing her wigs through the show? I don't fault her one bit for trying to make a buck, but what about Paula in that blonde wig?

I watched the show with someone else who thought Paula should be eliminated for her runway walk. Awkward would be an understatement. Paula definitely has a unique look, but for me, the entire show is suspect because of Paula's a being reality TV show veteran and her actual age is in question.

The judges really liked Hope tonight, despite her height challenge. They thought Karen looked scary, were disappointed in Roxanne, and eliminated Paula!

And they did it without the drama of busting her for also appearing as WhipSnap yet claiming she's never been professionally photographed. Perhaps they didn't know how to address it without looking like fakers themselves.

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