Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rayven and Jamie first casualties of Top 20 So You Think You Dance

I don't usually write about it, but I do watch So You Think You Can Dance each year, and I'm sitting here watching the first elimination show of this season. If you missed the show last night, you can read a recap here.

One of the first couples in jeopardy tonight was Kourtni & Matt. They danced jazz to Tainted Love. Kourtni T. is the girl that judge Nigel Lythgoe keeps saying looks like Uma Thurman.

I doubt they can see it, but Chelsea T., another contestant, looks like a black Liza Minelli. I think it's the shape of the face, the eyes, and the haircut. The similarity is more obvious on the video, which you can't get at YouTube because Dick Clark Productions has yanked this season's videos, copyright issues. She and her partner Thayne did the ChaCha. All the judges thought it was hot! And Nigel drooled over Chelsea.

Yes, it was hot, but I really enjoyed the Mia Michaels wedding number. Chelsie and Mark performed that.

The next couple getting lower votes was Rayven & Jamie, the first couple to perform last night who also did HipHop. And the last couple getting low votes was a shocker to the judges, Jessica & Will, who danced the Tango. Will Wingfield is a Debbie Allen protege. Allen is not a judge this year because Will made the top 20.

The Pussy Cat Dolls performed. The judges eliminated Jamie and Rayven.

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ByJane said...

I thought she looked like a black Lisa Rinna. Either way, she's gorgeous.

Vérité Parlant said...

Yeah. I wonder what her Jamaican parents are thinking now. Many Jamaicans are socially conservative, especially when it comes to how daughters behave. But there's no way to hide a daughter like that. :-) My son, a teen, saw Chelsea and asked, "Are they allowed to do that on TV?" Haha!

Even when I was young I didn't have a body like that.

I had to look up Lisa Rinna. I see that similarity too.

Thanks, Jane.