Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ridley's asking 'Do they really want to play the Michelle game?' But sexist much, John?

I read John Ridley's post, that apparently he published today, June 13, addressing attacks on Michelle Obama. I and others have been discussing attacks against Michelle Obama and her daughters, and on Thursday I recommended a site that's documenting the assaults.

In his post Ridley talks about how certain types of people in this nation only see black women one way. It's a provocative post, but one statement bothers me. While declaring that conservatives will shoot themselves in the foot if they continue attempts to dehumanize Michelle Obama, he makes the following statement about how women will handle the onslaught:
Short of that, stand back when Michelle does Oprah and they get to crying and all the soccer moms recall repressed gender memories of how much they can't stand woman-bashing. (Ridley)
What's up here? Women crying on Oprah and soccer moms recalling repressed gender memories? What!

I guess it's Ridley's attempt at humor and a way of saying that women will rally around Michelle Obama through the power of Oprah, but ... Really, as a stand alone statement it could easily have come from Bill O'Reilly as a good ol' boys poke at women or from Rush Limbaugh. Of course, either of them would have said "whining" instead of "crying," but still!

Okay, I'll leave Ridley alone. Bigger battles to fight. Let somebody else talk to the man.

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