Thursday, June 26, 2008

She's Got The Look Says Good-bye to Two

It seemed to come as a surprise to contestants last night on She's Got the Look, but the judges decided to send home two of the women who want to be America's Next Top Model for the over-35 set. The stuck-up Roxanne vacated the premises with her movie star looks as did the voluptuous Melissa, who one contestant said looked more like a pin-up model than a fashion model.

I got the impression that the two young male models who started kissing Melissa on her shoulders during the diamonds shoot aroused her. She said something like "They've done something to me!" Really, I expected her to whip out a cigarette any minute afterward.

Hope, who's still there despite her height, told former pageant queen Tanya prior to eliminations that she thought Melissa would go home because Melissa's boobs are "huge." I think one of the judges asked Melissa during her audition whether her boobs were real. She said they were indeed the real thing. Who knows these days what's real and not real, especially when it comes to reality T.V and even more on SGTL.

The stunning but whiny Bahia, 37, also remained despite not being able to swing from the trapeze as part of the first challenge. She's afraid of heights. I mean the tremble, totally phobic kind of afraid. Celeste, the 50-year-old who's modeled before with judge Beverly Johnson, won the trapeze challenge and so earned immunity from last night's elimination.

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