Thursday, June 26, 2008

SYTYCD: Judges Break Up First Couple

In the bottom three tonight on So You Think You Can Dance, Chelsea T. and Thayne, Kourtni and Matt, and Chris and Comfort. Kourtni really danced for her life. Comfort is entertaining to watch but her solo could have been better tonight.

Chelsea T. had far too many turns and twirls in her solo, not enough variety and poor use of the stage, and I thought she would be sent home. I was right. Nigel didn't explain Chelsea T.'s elimination. He just told her it was the end of the line. Prior to giving that bad news, he told the bottom three couples that the same people kept ending up in the bottom three and if that keeps happening, expect to be sent home.

Matt danced his long-legged behind off. Chris was okay. Thayne was better than Chris. Chris went home.

My two favorite dance performances last night (recap) were the other Chelsie and Mark dancing to "Keep Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis and the couple that danced the Samba, Katee and Joshua. No video for the latter, which is a loss since Joshua was really wearing out those tight knit pants. (Update, here's the video of Joshua and Katee.) Also, he told us that Katee doesn't think she's sexy. We women really know how to give ourselves a hard time, don't we?

Here's Chelsie and Mark dancing HipHop to "Keep Bleeding Love." The video's from YouTube.

So, the judges finally got around to breaking up a couple, which was Chelsea T. and Thayne. Next week Thayne will partner Comfort, and we're down to 14 couples.

Jordin Sparks performed tonight. Who keeps dressing her like she's a big baby doll? Talented and pretty girl, yes, but the song tonight, One Step at a Time, was too bubble-gummy for me. Sounded like it belonged in High School Musical, but the crowd that likes High School Musical is probably Sparks' market.

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