Sunday, June 1, 2008

Titling blog posts can be such a pain in the butt

I posted on BlogHer last night, and one of the possible titles of the post was "Hillary, Obama, and Rachael's wrong scarf: Is it Safe to Get Up in the Morning?" Really, it's too long a title for a blog post. I ended up with "Our America: Is it Safe to Get Up in the Morning?" Oy! That was pretty lame too.

The Rachael part refers to Dunkin Donuts pulling a Rachael Ray ad because some conservatives thought the scarf in the ad promoted Arab terrorism. My daughter was disappointed because she wanted me to do a whole post on the Dunkin Donuts scarf drama, but someone else had already posted on that.

My post reflects on the risky business of living:

I attended a CPR class today in which one of the instructors attempted to answer this question, "Do more heart attacks happen in the morning soon after people wake up?" She didn't tell us whether it's actually true or false, as far as waking up goes, but she did talk to us about a body at rest/asleep and all the energy required to run that body's system's upon waking. She ended up saying she could easily see how the simple shock of awakening and being pushed to function fully could trigger a massive heart attack.

What a horrible concept for a fear-obsessed nation to ponder. In this bubble wrap world--you know, a world that's constantly evaluating how to live life with the least amount of risk--I can imagine someone postulating that waking up in the morning is simply too risky. (BlogHer)

It moves on to consider how this election year is straining the country and our patience and testing folks' commitment to change and unity.

I should have mentioned the DNC drama in that with yesterday's decision to seat Michigan and Florida but only count those delgates at half a vote. Morra Aarons said she can't even begin to care about the MI and FL delegations issue. I'm pretty much of the same mind, but Morra pointed out that fellow blogger Catherine Morgan, someone who does great political commentary, disagrees. You can read Catherine's opinions here.

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ssgreylord said...

Didn't know about the Dunkin Donuts ad. How depressing. Saw your recommended blog on William Devault's (is that right?) blog. I was excited to try a read and you certainly didn't disappoint. I like your style.