Thursday, July 17, 2008

Car Line Rage: NOLA Cop Pulls Gun on Mom Picking Up Children

Off-duty New Orleans police officer Ashley Terry has been suspended without pay indefinitely for allegedly drawing her gun on an unarmed mother. The mother pulled her car in front of Terry in the parents' car line at the Treme Community Center. Terry was there to pick up her nephew, and the mother, Kiyana Howell, came to pick up her children.

I've been annoyed in car line before, but this is ridiculous! The media's calling it a case of road rage.

Terry, according to reports, has only been on the force 15 months. NOPD Chief Warren Riley said in a press conference that Terry has a previous complaint against her, and witnesses have complained that an officer came to the scene but did not investigate. Any accusations of cops protecting cops must be addressed by NOPD because the department has a history of corruption dating back to decades past.

Both children and adults were present when Terry drew her weapon on the Howell, reports say. Terry started honking at Howell to move her car out of the way. Howell didn't immediately do so, and so, all hell broke loose..
When the subject of her anger responded, annoyed, the officer then screamed at the woman, "B----, you don't know who you're f---ing with," among other coarse threats, witnesses said. At some point she identified herself as a police officer, and brandished a gun in full view of many witnesses, including children. (Times Picayune story)
WWL and other local TV stations have video of Chief Riley's press conference about this incident.

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I never cease to be amazed and disappointed.

Vérité Parlant said...

Yeah, age brings that on, I think, seesawing between amazement and disappointment over what happens in this world. :-) I'm glad she's off the street as a police officer. The last thing she needs is power and a gun. I think she should be put on the list of people not allowed to carry a gun because clearly she's not stable.

Thanks for the visit, Susan.