Thursday, July 10, 2008

Couric, BlogHer, and Finally a Post on Shoes

People hit this blog looking for every thing from information on Michelle Obama's shoes to how to break in new shoes, but this blog isn't about shoes. It's about paths in life, news, and pop culture. Nevertheless, I couldn't resist posting this video of news anchor Katie Couric kicking off the upcoming BlogHer Conference. I noticed the video because of the comments at BlogHer on Couric's "killer" kicks

Her black and white heels are pretty hot, even if this blog isn't about shoes. Couric said she wanted to show them off in the video because she can't show them off while anchoring CBS Evening News.

Couric also says in the video that 36 million women read or write a blog each week. She has statistics for how many mommy bloggers are politically active as well.

Unfortunately, I can't make it to BlogHer '08. Maybe next year.

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Virginia Janet said...
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my blog said...

Lol even when i looked at your blog url . I thought its all about shoes.

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